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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Free printable download (things to do page), and stickers!

Have had little motivation to do much recently. I am so tired it's unreal. Barely sleeping due to a combination of stress, pregnancy (the need to pee!), under-eating, over-eating and anxiety.

I ordered some pretty stickers from Hong Kong about a week ago which arrived today! They're so cute. I have to hold off buying stuff now though in case it doesn't arrive before the move, and the new tenants of our house end up with a load of stationery stuff!

Aren't they cute!

I think they cost me about 50p with free P&P. Bargain! 

In the top picture you can see my 'things to do' page. I am obsessed with the font Channel at the moment. I have been using it for everything! The page is downloadable for printing yourself if you want it! I have it in A5, but A4 or A6 is do-able because the file size is big enough not to lose resolution. Yay! Link at the bottom of this post!

The girly drinking tea was found on Pinterest under the 'illustration' search (so, thank you to whoever designed it!), and the font is Channel.

Download link (.png file): Click me!

Lots and lots of love, 

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  1. I love this note paper, it will be perfect for my penpal letters!