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Thursday, 5 December 2013

free printable positive affirmation cards (credit card size)!

When we are ‘down in the dumps’ it is difficult to pick ourselves back up. Sometimes we just need to be told that we can be happy and brave, that we must keep fighting, stay strong, that we are loved, we can choose, we are enough, and that we can let go of everything bad within our power to do so. I designed these credit card sized positive affirmation cards to keep in my purse as I carry my purse everywhere. I hope that you find these cards helpful in your own personal way, and that you can see the light when you are in a dark space.

Link to the printable in .pdf format:
Positive Affirmation Cards (Credit Card Size)
(I would like to add that the quality on the file is much better when you've actually downloaded and opened it. The internet link makes it look terrible!)

The printable is set to A4, so all you need to do is print and they should come out the correct size! Just trim them and ta-da; all done!

Typewriter Revo. This is a font that you need to pay for. You can purchase it on

Please use - don't abuse.

Lots of love, as always!


  1. These look beautiful!! I just downloaded them. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog - thanks again for being so generous :-) (and I hope all is well with you - I fight against depression so I feel like I know what you're talking about...)

  3. These are wonderfully created. Great job!